The List You Don’t Think About…Until It’s Too Late!

I began thinking about this post at around 1:30am when my 19 month old toddler woke me up crying via his video monitor. I assumed he was awake and scared because the lightening and thunder were so bright and loud, and he just needed me to rock him for a little bit… Boy, was I surprised when I walked into his bedroom and smelled exactly what was wrong. Mr. Stomach Flu struck our happy, unsuspecting baby boy, and I went into instant panicked mommy. Luckily {is there really a need for me to say luckily in this post about vomit? Probably not, but I digress…} the stomach flu visited our residence just a few months ago, striking me and the kid, and I had already made the appropriate arrangements to be ready for when it visited again. I knew that when this monster of a virus struck our home, I would be ready to tackle it with ease and try to lower my personal level of anxiety, for both my sake and my husband’s.

Here is what I did a few months back that made this early morning just a little bit better to deal with ::

1. If you can, try to buy a replica of what soothes your baby the most {ie – their favorite blanket or stuffed toy}. In our house, we have a favorite blankie that pretty much gets toted everywhere the kid goes. I found out where the blanket was purchased and luckily found the same exact one at Target. Last time the stomach bug hit, the blanket hit the washing machine a total of three times in one night. We washed it and dried it {about a 45 minute process each time}, gave it back to the baby because he wouldn’t calm down without it, got sick again, and we would have to wash it once more. This process continued and left the baby, my husband, and myself exhausted. This time, I immediately threw the nasty blanket in the wash, gave him the replica of the blankie he loves so much, and it calmed him immediately. He did get sick a few more times, but I had a spare washed and dried before he even knew what happened. This saved us so much time and tears!! If Target had four more of the blankies he loves so much, I would have bought all those suckers. Unfortunately, they only had the one, but this extra blanket really helped so much.

2. Buy Pedialyte people, even if you don’t need it at the moment! And also, check the expiration date on it – it does expire! The last time the stomach flu hit our house, we rushed to the medicine cabinet to get the Pedialyte…but it was expired. My husband had to schlep to CVS down the street at 3:45am to buy Pedialyte to begin the rehydration process. I’m a weirdo when it comes to expiration dates. {If it has an expired date on it, I won’t touch it. At all. Once, I had wine that was expired, and I didn’t even touch that. If you know anything about me at all, if I pass on wine – you know it must be serious.} This time, we had Pedialyte on hand, and the husband didn’t have to make a late night trip to the local pharmacy.

3. Buy those mattress pad protectors in BULK! And while we are at it, buy lots of extra sheets too. Have them washed and put somewhere easily accessible for quick, in the middle of the night changing sessions.

4. If your pediatrician has an on-call nurse system in place, keep that number on both your phone and your husband’s! You never know when you need to talk to a night nurse! I am that mom that calls the night nurse for every single sick symptom my child exhibits. So you bet your sweet bananas that I called the nurse the last time he got the stomach virus. And this morning when he got it again! The process of calling the said nurses was so much easier this time though because I was prepared. You do not want to be scrounging around your house in the wee hours of the night yelling at your husband while you dig through your purse and simultaneously hold the baby who is crying in your ear…all with the constant fear of vomit being spewed into your purse or down the front of your pajamas and/or hitting the dog. That may or may not have happened to me the last time, but that is a different day and a different post, ladies.

5. Stay calm. Easier said than done, I know, but unfortunately for me and the toddler, the stomach flu has hit our house more than our fair-share of times. Just know that it won’t last long and that when you are calm, the time passes by quicker and your plan of action is that much more clear.


Any time our babies get sick, it is very easy {and natural!} to become nervous wrecks! I just hope that this post will save you some time and give you a little more peace of mind when the dreaded stomach bug makes a visit to your home.

What are some things I left off of my list that you have on yours? Do you have any tips to share regarding unexpected illness in your home? Share in the comments below!

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Texas born and raised, Michelle married her husband Michael after seven years of dating and currently resides in the Meyerland area. In December 2012, Michelle and Michael welcomed their first son {affectionately called Baby Apple} and enjoys spending every moment spoiling him! Michelle is a full time working mom in the field of education and a full time student working on her Master's degree {to become a principal one day!}, but in her spare time she enjoys shopping, anything Kate Spade, reading, writing, and traveling. Check her out over at Michelle's Desk to read about all things baby, life, and love!


  1. Great ideas Michelle! That sounds quite chipper when talking about stomach flu but these are so helpful. I also just saw sonewhere about making a sick bucket and keeping it easily accessible for middle of night. Put the items in it you would need quickly when vomiting hits. I’m sure it’s easily found on Pinterest. 😉

  2. For the sheets, just go ahead and layer them on the bed so all you have to do is take that layer off. It has saved us a million times!

  3. Oh man, we experienced this for the first time this week and I would agree with all of those items on the list. The other thing I was thinking about is maybe have a bed pan or container of some sort for them to throw up in. For rounds two, three, etc.

  4. All very good tips. For older kids keep an empty bucket, bowl or bin at the top of their closet. Fill it with paper towels, clorox wipes, and a bottle of water. Bin can be used as a barf bin. All my kids want after they throw up is a drink of water.

    Wine expires?

  5. Great post Michelle! We haven’t experienced this one yet (knock on wood) and I know I will freak out the first time. Hopefully I will get some comfort thinking of your post and knowing what to do…and I’m totally going to make a sick bucket this weekend. Thanks everyone who commented!

  6. Thank you for posting this. I shared it om my wall yesterday since many friends are battling a bug – and wouldn’t you know it? Hub is sick as of this morning. Ugh. Anyway here are few other things I do that seem to help (or my mind thinks they do)…
    Lysol every doorknob, faucet handle, lightswitch, flush lever, and refrigerator handle. Repeat daily until the threat has passed.
    Place television remotes in a zip lock bag.
    Bentonite clay is a natural, flavor less substance that binds to toxins in the body and helps you flush them out. Safe for kids too. I keep a bottle in my fridge.
    Replace toothbrushes (keep cheap spares or those freebies from the dentist on hand).

    Thanks for a great blog!


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