The Most Complete Program for a Healthy Pregnancy

Houston Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with Profile MOM to share a comprehensive program designed for moms to take care of their bodies before, during and after pregnancy.

The youngest of my children is 4 years old, and I feel abundantly grateful to have been blessed with three babies in five years. However, I just now feel like I’m coming up for air after drowning in the sea of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, diapers, and sleepless nights- followed by years of toddler shenanigans. I certainly did my best to take care of my body during these hectic years, but looking back, I wish I had been given more information and support on appropriate nutrition, exercise, and weight management before and during my pregnancies, as well as the postpartum stages. 

I remember when my husband and I first started trying to conceive, I stood in the vitamin aisle of HEB staring at the vast selection of prenatal vitamins, bewildered at which one to choose. I remember reading conflicting advice on random blogs and health sites about what foods to eat and how much exercise to get. It was confusing and frustrating. And when I was pregnant, my OB/GYN was an excellent source of support, but I do remember wishing I had access to someone that knowledgeable I could talk to more than every few weeks. 

I realized early in motherhood that it was impossible to take care of my babies when I neglected my own body’s needs, and it’s nearly impossible to do that without guidance and support. Moms beginning their motherhood journeys today do have access to an incredible resource to help them navigate this special time in life – one I wish I’d had. Profile MOM is a comprehensive program specifically created for moms before, during and after pregnancy, designed to meet their unique, changing needs.

Health Coach + Personal Plan

Women who enroll in the Profile MOM program have support from a 1-on-1 certified heath coach every step of the way. The health coach extends the care of the doctor, offers informed guidance and cuts through the clutter of all the misinformation out there. Had I had this incredible resource during my pregnancies, I could have saved myself hours of fruitless internet research. 

The health coach works with their client to create a comprehensive nutrition, activity and lifestyle plan catered to the woman and takes a phased approach that changes as her body changes. And because moms have so much on their minds during this special time, Profile MOM prioritizes simplicity and personalization. 

Mom Journey Guide for Before, During and After Pregnancy

So many of the pregnancy manuals on the market that I have browsed contain outdated information, or are trendy 10-step guides that offer no real support. Women deserve better than that. So in addition to a personal health coach, women who enroll in Profile MOM receive a fun, interactive workbook created by OB/GYNs and Registered Dietitians that is full of trusted advice including fueling fertility, meal planning, setting activity goals, self care, doctors’ tips, delicious recipes and a MOM Tribe for social support. It really is a complete go-to guide for a healthy pregnancy.

Delicious Prenatal Shakes

I don’t think the memory of choking down those horrible horse pill prenatal vitamins will ever fade. While I knew that taking them was essential to a healthy pregnancy, I dreaded swallowing them each day. I’m so jealous that women who enroll in Profile MOM don’t have to deal with the agony of swallowing those awful vitamins, because instead, they enjoy a delicious prenatal shake each day. Profile Nurture is a unique blend of quality prenatal vitamins, minerals, DHA, probiotics and protein designed to fully support a woman and her baby’s health and development. These shakes not only have trusted, nutrient rich quality ingredients, they really are delicious. 

Becoming a mom is certainly an exciting, special time in a woman’s life. I think back to my pregnancies and postpartum periods with a lot of fondness, but also some regret than I didn’t have all the information and support I could have used to better take care of my body. I certainly will recommend Profile MOM to my younger sister and other friends when they enter into the pregnancy and motherhood journey. 

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