The Summer That Lasts Forever

We are honored to once again partner with T Bar M Camps to bring you this sponsored post. We hope you find it helpful as you look for camp options for your children this summer!

There are quite a few things I hope for my kids to have this summer. Our five children range in ages from 6-16, so the opportunities and outcomes for each of them can vary greatly. But for all, I wish for them to have fun and make memories. I wish for them to look back on the summer and say “that was the best ever.” I wish for them to experience something new and different.

But these wishes tend to fade like pixie dust, and I am reminded to focus on the desires that have longevity for our children. Desires for life lessons and experiences to remain far beyond the sun tanned skin and freckles of the summer. Desires for the five children we are raising to be different than they were after the first canon ball into the pool.

I quickly realize, we cannot do it alone or in one setting for all our kids… But we have found a place that fills the desires we have for our children. T Bar M Camps is a place where each of our kids feel comfortable, confident, stretched, and loved.

“Desires of life lessons and experiences remaining far beyond the
sun tanned skin and freckles of the summer.”

Camp has created a culture children grow and thrive in. It is in T Bar M’s mission, and we see the fruit of it every year on closing day. It is a strange and wonderful experience, picking up your children after their week away at camp. There is evidence they have grown taller on the inside. It’s not really anything you can put your finger on, but your heart knows without a doubt, this kiddo of yours has changed a lot in their week at camp. It’s a change deeper than swimming stronger or identifying knots and leaves. It is a change you know… they know… will be with them forever. A change that shapes them… Forever.

This change happens because they were {brace yourself} on their own. The camp experience fosters independence, confidence, adventure, and goal setting in a way we simply cannot do at home. It gives our kids permission {and a little bit of a nudge} to do daily life themselves. And when a moment of uncertainty presents itself, their T Bar M coach, possessing all the qualities you desire for your child, steps into the tension with them, to lead and care for and teach them. These college students reinforce the values we have, and say the things we say, but our kids just hear their coaches better. And we are okay with that.

“Camp has created a culture children grow and thrive in.”

Our sixteen year old knows how to serve others well. It is what she was created to do, but she knows how to put service into action with confidence because her coaches model it for her. Our thirteen year old son loves to study, learn, and teach. His desires and skills are sharpened as he is taught, encouraged, and given opportunities in a safe place like camp. Our littlest guys have seen how independence and self-control do matter, and have made them tools they are now proud to use in their own lives.

The purposeful culture and life lessons our kids experience through T Bar M Camps remain far beyond the last load of laundry and post camp nap. The impact of camp has shaped our kids and fulfilled our desires for them. When it comes to creating the fullest summer experience for them, we know we cannot do it alone. And I don’t think we were meant to.

Camp is one of the most lasting, rewarding experiences parents can give their children. T Bar M Camps builds self-esteem and gives kids a sense of independence all while growing their faith.

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