The Truth About Being Unplugged

With every advance, technology has a ‘wow’ factor wooing us into its world, and sometimes away from what matters most. When locked into the screen of our cell phone, we tend to neglect the people and experiences at hand. Chick-fil-a has recognized this deficit of meaningful interactions over meal times, and challenges customers, while dining, to ‘coop up’ their cell phones in exchange for free ice cream.

Brilliant! It is encouraging to hear about companies and families limiting screen time to emphasize the value of being present with others. In fact, this idea is not a new one for our sponsors at T Bar M Camps.

Long before the Internet and iPad, T Bar M has offered campers a fun and safe place to escape ‘the noise’ of the electronic world even since the days of radios and walk-mans. With a high value on authentic relationships and purposeful play, T Bar M Camps provides kids the opportunity for real connection alongside a fun, positive, and life-shaping camp experience.

T Bar M Camps

Authentic Relationships

As humans, we are created to be in relationship. Our addiction to social media sites is an indicator of this innate desire to belong to someone or something. But, as our ‘connections’ increase through a screen, our face-to-face time is limited, and our relationships begin to lack depth and meaning.

A week at camp offers this depth and meaning in relationships to kids craving connection. The absence of screens in the hands of staff and campers opens the door for real life relating. College students offer their undivided attention, abounding energy, and unconditional love. While campers experience authentic relationship and are inspired to replicate it with others.

T Bar M Camps

Purposeful Play

Alongside connection, we beg to be entertained, and so do our kids. While often used to cure boredom or settle disruptive behavior, the iPad + Netflix + headphones trick might be an easy solution for entertainment, but is also a distraction from outdoor play and intentional activity.

Not only does camp offer exhilarating adventures like a high ropes course, blob pools, and experiential theme nights, but each moment of a camper’s day is planned, prepared for, and executed with thought and care. From making their beds to meal times and even while brushing their teeth, campers are not only entertained, but they are completely engaged, mind, body, and soul.

Life-Shaping Experience

What is it that we want for our kids, and how can we provide that for them? There are so many things influencing the growth and development of our children, and as parents, we have the responsibility and opportunity to steward that process.

T Bar M Camps

While camp is only 6 days out of the year, the benefits impact a lifetime and beyond. When kids encounter meaningful connection in relationship with others and purpose in the way they play and engage with the world around them, their lives are inspired in such a positive way, that it shapes who they are becoming.

T Bar M Camps

As you look for a place for your kids to grow, consider for them an action- packed week, unplugged from screens, engaged in relationships, and outdoors on purpose. Give your child an experience that matters. Invest in a week of camp.

Camp is one of the most lasting, rewarding experiences parents can give their children. It builds self-esteem and gives kids a sense of independence all while growing their faith.

T Bar M Camps has provided over 35 years of life-impacting experiences. Come play with purpose. Explore T Bar M today.

T Bar M Camps

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Please Note :: While this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about T Bar M Camps are my very own.

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