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There’s a new technology that is sweeping across this nation. This particular technology provides a treatment that one demographic can and will benefit greatly from, and that one demographic is us. Females. Women. Moms.

We’re also excited to say that one of our very favorite sponsors and long-time partners, Dr. Camille Cash, is one of the first to bring this treatment to Houston {at two very convenient locations} for the women of Houston. The procedure is called ThermiVa. ThermiVa ultimately uses heat technology to rejuvenate both the inner and outer vaginal tissues.


Here’s what is so great about ThermiVa and why we’re so excited to partner with Dr. Cash and her staff in helping spread the word about this amazing technology now available to the women of Houston.


No shots, no prepping, no anesthesia, no cutting, no sutures. A small, slender probe {very similar to transvaginal ultrasounds that many of us have had during the beginning of our pregnancies} is used to provide a temperature-controlled radiofrequency directly to the inner vaginal tissue and the outer labias. It is pain-free and is controlled based on your own body temperature.

Quick and Easy

It takes about 30 minutes total, fifteen minutes for the inner vaginal tissues and fifteen minutes for the outer vaginal area. Many refer to it as the “lunch break” procedure because it’s so quick.

No Down Time

No healing is necessary. Want to exercise afterwards? Go for it. Have sex? Absolutely. There is zero recovery time.

Provides Quicker Postpartum Recovery

As early as six weeks after delivery, women can receive a ThermiVa treatment. This is huge for women who have had multiple vaginal deliveries, women with stretching of the vaginal tissue, and women healing from episiotomies as a result of vaginal deliveries.  ThermiVa will restore the elasticity of the vagina tissue much, much quicker and will reduce the healing time in those who had tearing or episiotomies during child birth.  And no worries if you’re breastfeeding — breastfeeding mommas can still receive ThermiVa.

Stops Urinary Incontinence

Urinary leaking and incontinence is such a real thing and a daily struggle for so many women. Vaginal deliveries, c-sections, abdominal surgeries, menopause, and just plain ol’ effects of aging are all culprits here. A couple of ThermiVa patients have had great success stories after treatment…

“I couldn’t do a squat or a jumping jack during boot camp without leaking on myself, but after three treatments I have none.” — mom of four, all vaginal deliveries
“You know that whole cross your legs and squeeze when you sneeze? Well, I don’t have to do that anymore — I now sneeze freely without having to worry about leaking.” — patient after just one ThermiVa treatment

Improves the Appearance of the Vaginal Area

With yoga pants and leggings serving as a staple in most women’s wardrobe these days, many find themselves more and more self-conscious about the outward appearance of their vaginal area. Wearing a bathing suit can be downright intimidating and uncomfortable for many of us. It’s an age thing. The outer parts of our vaginal area, technically known as the labia, start to sag. Things like vaginal childbirth and menopause just make that worse. ThermiVa, through tighting the skin of the vagina, helps bring the outer parts of the vagina closer to the body.  The effects can be almost immediate — the technicians can sometimes see the skin contracting and tightening during the actual procedure.  No more camel toe, ladies!

Restores Moisture

Many of you reading this might not be faced with this problem just yet, but we guarantee that you know someone who is, or you will be in the future. Menopause and the lack of estrogen in our bodies results in vaginal dryness. This can lead to many unwanted things — bleeding with wiping, tearing, pain during sex, collapsing of the vaginal walls, and can even allow for the bladder or the intestines to fall into the vaginal space. Vaginal creams can help with that, but they tend to be messy and unwelcome for many. Now postmenopausal women have another alternative — ThermiVa.

“ThermiVa brought back the natural lubrication again.” — a postmenopausal, ThermiVa patient

Permanent Results

It is recommended that women seeking ThermiVa have one treatment a month for three months.  That’s it.  While many notice results after just one treatment, three is still the recommended number of treatments for ideal results.  From that point forward, some women will find they need one treatment a year just for maintenance of those ideal results.

Improves S-E-X

Last, but definitely not least, ThermiVa will enhance your sex lives {yes, that’s right, LIVES because your partner will notice a difference also}. The vagina feels fuller, tighter, and smoother afterwards, and women who’ve never been able to have an orgasms during sex can now have orgasms thanks to ThermiVa.  That said and since the holidays are upon us, a gift card for ThermiVa treatments might make the perfect Christmas gift idea to send to your husbands — especially since it’s husband approved.


Prior to ThermiVa, vaginal reconstruction and rejuvenation were only available through major surgeries, in an operating room, with a very expensive price tag, and with a six weeks recovery period and down-time.  ThermiVa has and will change that.

Still have questions?  Wanting to learn more? If so, there will be a ThermiVa Open House this Thursday at Dr. Cash’s Willowbrook location.  Details as follows ::

ThermiVa Open House

Thursday, December 17th
11am – 2pm

Camille Cash M.D. {Willowbrook}
13215 Dotson Road, 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77070

(832) 237-2274

Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, as always – all thoughts and opinions about Dr. Cash and her team are completely my own!



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