How to Combat Baby’s Yeast Rash

How to Combat Baby's Yeast Rash | Houston Moms Blog

No matter how long someone has been a mom, she totally loves giving advice. She will look for even a slightly less experienced mom and just unload it. Yep. Guilty as charged. My cousin has a baby that is just a few months younger than my daughter, and I just thrive off her texts and phone calls filled with mommy questions. I ask my own, too! 

Something I didn’t even think to ask… Is this still a diaper rash?

My poor darling daughter quietly suffered, per usual. I run the water too hot, she doesn’t budge. I run the water too cold, I get a shiver, but no complaints out of her. She has a diaper rash for A WHOLE MONTH, and not a peep! I was switching between several different diaper creams and letting her go diaper-free for 15 minutes at a time {which by the way = PEE}. I could not figure out why her rash was sticking around. I didn’t even think about researching the topic either, and I am one of those annoying people that Googles everything.

Thank goodness her nine month check up came around. The doctor was checking her diaper and let me know that, uh, that’s not a diaper rash. Whoops. Reality check. Did you know that a yeast rash  exists? If you do, thou art greater than this lowly newb. If you did not – you’re welcome! {Sung like Maui, of course}.

How to Combat Baby's Yeast Rash | Houston Moms Blog

The main difference between a “benign” diaper rash and a yeast rash is that the yeast rash has a bacterial/fungal element, AKA white pimple-looking additions. Fortunately, instead of sending me off to pick up a $150 prescription, my doctor shared the following recipe ::

Super Awesome Yeast Rash Combat Cream

  1. Anti-fungal cream
  2. Petroleum jelly
  3. Diaper cream {whichever has the highest percentage of zinc oxide}

She didn’t tell me how much of each I needed, so I just guessed… I guessed wrong. 

It did not work! So, I finally started researching. Here are things I tried…

  1. Baking soda bath every other day. -Ehh…
  2. Breast milk “bath” {Yeah right! I emptied one bag and she sat in it. A whole bath? That stuff is liquid gold!} -Also ehhh…
  3. thin layer of anti-fungal before applying the Super Awesome Yeast Rash Removal Cream –Woohoo!
  4. Washing her privates after every diaper change, and drying her bits thoroughly. –Woohoo!

Finally, some success! After waiting a week for that dang lotion to work, her rash was practically gone in just a few days. Apparently Super Awesome Yeast Rash Removal Cream should be renamed Super Awesome Yeast Rash Combat Cream But Make Sure To Add Way More Antifungal. Or, just add a thin layer on before, like I did.

The diaper is a moist {ew, I know} place. That moisture allows bacteria to get in, and the dampness sticks around until a child is potty trained. It’s important to change your child’s diaper fairly often. And if you didn’t know the difference between a diaper rash and a yeast rash, now you do. I can’t say if this will work every time for everyone, but hopefully this advice on how to save your baby’s little bum will be good!

Mommy Experts :: What is your secret formula for combating a yeast rash??


    • I wish I knew! My doc never told me. But from what I figure it’s one part diaper cream, one part vaseline, and 2-3 parts antifungal. We started to see results after I put a thin layer of antifungal on, and then the “secret recipe.” I had done one part of each, but it def needed more antifungal.


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