What Type of Bachelor Viewer Are You?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you are fully aware of ABC’s hit reality show The Bachelor and all of it’s long-stemmed rose glory.  There is a little something for everyone…romance, drama, humor, and Chris Harrison.  Over the past 20 seasons of watching, I’ve come to notice that there are several distinct types of Bachelor viewers.  Here’s my top ten. Which one are you?

Which Type of Bachelor Viewer Are You

The Hopeless Romantic

You are the person who, season after season, tunes in to watch two people fall madly in love.  You believe that fate, not television producers, brought them together, and their precious love will continue long after the cameras stop rolling.  You are the person for which this show is made, and your secret crush is for Chris Harrison.  And yes, you own his romance novel The Perfect Letter.

Debbie Downer

Womp, womp.  Did you know that half of all marriages end in divorce?  Did you know that only 16% of Bachelor couples are actually still together?  If these are statements that have come out of your mouth, then you fall in the Debbie Downer category.  We all know that the stats aren’t great on this show, but keep those thoughts to yourself if you are ever invited to a Bachelor watching party.

The Historian

Aside from keeping us in the know about the show rules and escapades from past seasons, you also serve as our research analyst and refer to your phone a lot during the show to Google things like, “What are the twins’ actual occupations?”  You’ve read Sean’s book, Courtney’s book, Melissa’s book and have pre-ordered Emily’s…you know, all in the name of research.  You cringed that time that they went against the rules and had two bachelorettes on the first episode one season because they needed better ratings.  Stick to the playbook is your Bachelor motto.

The Fashionista

Although you love watching the dreamboat bachelors each season, you love tuning in to see what all of the contestants are wearing.  You noticed Michelle Money’s monogram necklace before it became a thing, swooned over Emily Maynard’s effortless outfits before they were replicated on Pinterest, and can pick out the Kendra Scott on just about every contestant this season.

The Social Butterfly

You look forward to Monday nights so you can get together with your girlfriends and host the most epic Bachelor-watching parties.  The season finale is your Superbowl and “After the Final Rose” is your overtime.  If you ever can’t make the watch parties, you are live tweeting the episode tear by tear, champagne glass by champagne glass.

The Spoiler Alert

You promise yourself during the first episode every season that you won’t read the spoilers, but by episode three you have already visited Reality Steve and know the end result.  You trick yourself into thinking that maybe the spoilers aren’t true, but past seasons tell you that they are probably accurate.

The Non-Watcher Watcher

This viewer is usually the unsuspecting spouse of a Bachelor fan who starts watching each season of The Bachelor to spend time with his wife {or was just too lazy to go into another room} but ended up secretly loving it.  You’ll never admit that you have a 90% success rate in picking the winner each season and that you look forward to the show spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise even more than The Bachelor.

The Reality Check Chick

You have a hard time watching The Bachelor because you can’t get over the logistics of everything.  You can’t imagine how the sweet kindergarten teacher is going to explain her make-out sessions to all the parents at her school or how “Prince Farming” and {insert any of the contestants} will actually fare once the show is over and they are living in Small Town, America.  Your motto is that anyone can fall in love in the land of fantasy suites and exotic getaways.

The Future Contestant

You, my dear, are taking notes as you watch – what to wear, what not to wear, and how to play the game {don’t drink too much the first night, and be sure to sleep in full make-up}, for you will one day make it on the show.  Already married?  That’s okay!  You are taking notes for your single friend or sister that you’ve been trying to nominate for years.  Don’t think it could happen?  Look at our fave blogger Shay who nominated her brother Sean for The Bachelorette, and he ended up being the next Bachelor!  I even went to college with Melissa Rycroft – dumped Bachelor winner turned Dancing with the Stars champion.  After 20 seasons, chances are you know someone from the show – it can happen!

The Ultimate Fan

And last but not least is the ultimate Bachelor fan.  You faithfully watch every season, spinoffs included, and even call in to Bachelor Live, the after-show to discuss your feelings on the season. You make game cards at the beginning of each season and may have even attended a Bachelor meet-and-greet in college {just me? …guilty}.  You know you have reached ultimate fan level when you are four or more of the above listed archetypes.

Chime in, Bachelor Nation! Comment below with two things… Your Bachelor Type AND who you think our latest Bachelor Ben Higgins will choose at the end of this season!

Me?  Well, I’m a Historian who is walking that fine line to being an Ultimate Fan.  And my guess for Ben is Lauren B. although my personal fave is JoJo.


  1. So….maybe hopeless romantic??? It depends on the contestants. If I like them, I really want to see them happy–Sean and Catherine, for example!


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