Why I Want My Kid to be Adventurous

From the time my husband and I started thinking about how we wanted to raise our kids, we had a few specific ideas and core values we wanted to instill. Some of them have gone by the wayside because, hello… I knew nothing of being a mom until I became one. Ignorance was bliss as they say. However, we still have a handful of ideals that we follow :: God-centered, well-mannered, generous in spirit, and adventurous. Especially adventurous. I want them to taste everything that this life has to offer and know they can always reach for the stars. I want them to embrace challenges and be excited to try new things. Each season we intentionally pick a new sport to participate in, we encourage them to explore new foods, and we pick an out of the box activity to do as a family. In return, they have very little apprehension about being involved in new adventures, and it’s been amazing to see how confident they are in various situations. I hope that continues as they get older, so that’s why we love the idea of sending them to a summer camp program like our friends and sponsors at Camp Eagle, where campers experience outdoor adventures galore. I see so many benefits in allowing them to spread their wings and escape the confines of suburban living into the great outdoors.

4 Benefits of Outdoor Adventures

{1} Building Relationships

Separated from their usual classmates and peers and in a new setting, kids bond together like never before. They learn to trust each other in activities such as rappelling and cheer each other on in adventure activities like archery, tag, and knife throwing. Camp Eagle places a huge emphasis not only on cultivating relationships with each other and the staff, but also on growing in a genuine relationship with God. I love that my kids could attend a camp where they could come home refreshed with a new appreciation for new friends and also inspired spiritually as well.

Why I Want My Kid to be Adventurous | Houston Moms Blog
{2} Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

Living in Houston and in the land ‘o concrete of the suburbs, my kids don’t really have opportunities to experience “the great outdoors” if you will. {Best movie ever, by the way!} Sure, we have area parks and greenspaces to explore, but most are man-made. I want my children to climb on real rocks and hike through rugged terrain, rappel off a cliff, or fly down a zipline with the breathtaking beauty of 1400 acres of the pristine Hill Country. Those are new adventures I just can’t send them on here. How cool would their essay on “What I Did This Summer” be with those encounters in their back pocket?

Why I Want My Kid to be Adventurous | Houston Moms Blog
{3} Instill Confidence

Piggybacking on #2, as they leap out of their usual routine, their confidence is buoyed by conquering new obstacles. Can you imagine your child having never rappelled, perhaps a little nervous, but with the gentle encouragement of staff and peers, they conquer that fear and successfully make it down that rugged cliff overlooking the Nueces River? They will feel literally on top of the world with a spirit of tenacity and grit knowing they accomplished something not every kid gets to do.

Why I Want My Kid to be Adventurous | Houston Moms Blog

{4} Cultivate Imagination

With outrageous fun in Camp Eagle’s outdoor adventures, campers are enthusiastically encouraged to hone their innovation and creative thinking skills. Perhaps it is a strategy for competing in group development games or winning one of the many waterfront hosted games and activities. And with their fantastic Artside Specialty, your child can express their imagination and artistic skills through a variety of outdoor crafts like painting, outdoor cooking, and wood carving. The sky is the limit at Camp Eagle…and can you just imagine looking up into those Hill Country stars each night dreaming about what your plan in life is?

Why I Want My Kid to be Adventurous | Houston Moms Blog

Honestly, I could go on and on about why I feel so passionately about my kids going to a place like Camp Eagle. It’s an opportunity to escape the rat-race that can be Houston living and experience real-life outdoor adventures that I can’t give them here. I highly encourage you to check out their website and see all of the various programs they offer for summer campers, grades 1st – 12th. Hurry, camps start weekly on June 5th! This is the summer your child could live out Camp Eagle’s mission :: “Inspire Christ-Like change through Outdoor Adventure, Authentic Relationships, and Biblical Truth.”

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Please note :: While this post is graciously sponsored by Camp Eagle, all thoughts and opinions are proudly my own.

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  1. My boys (ages 8 and 9) go to Camp Eagle for their 2 week program. They come back mentally refreshed and more independent. They grow so much in two weeks, and the staff at Camp Eagle are some of their favorite people. You won’t regret sending kids to camp!


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