Water Safety :: Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer

Summer is *this* close to officially making it’s grand entrance here in Houston.  You know, complete with 100+ temps, nonstop sweating, and humidity so thick you can slice it with a knife.  But with those slight annoyances come tons of fun too.  I’m talking backyard BBQs, playing outside until the streetlights come on, and of course — lots and lots and LOTS of time spent in the water.  {If you’re new to Houston, it’s pretty much the only way to beat the heat and survive a Houston summer.}

That being said, summer always makes me a bit nervous.  My children love water.  I’m talking L-O-V-E it.  Which is fantastic when we plan a trip to the pool or the beach.  But when they have almost zero fear of the water, that can make a mama’s heart drop.  The facts are terrifying, and drowning can happen in a split second.  So with May being Water Safety Month and summer knocking at the door, we are teaming up with SafeSplash to share some tips for keeping YOUR kids safe this summer. After all, you can never be too careful.

Water Safety :: Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer | Houston Moms Blog

1} Practice Water Safety Skills

Whether your child is one years old and simply learning to blow bubbles or seven years old and perfecting their strokes, sign them up for swim lessons.  These classes will equip them with life-saving and incredibly important water safety skills – and allow them opportunities to practice as they get older too.  {On a personal note, my little ones have been taking weekly swim lessons with SafeSplash for only about a month now, and they are already making such tremendous progress.  Once preschool wraps up and spring sports end, I’m bumping up their time to a more intense schedule – and I’m confident that they will both be fully swimming just about as soon as I do.  Which brings this mama SO much peace of mind, but certainly doesn’t drop my guard completely.}

2} Stay Close & Be Alert

Regardless of your child’s age or swimming skills, never leave them unattended when you’re near water.  It only takes a split second, and we can assure you that nothing is that important.  Not your cell phone, not your magazine, nothing.  If you’re in a group setting or with your spouse, designate someone as the “Water Watcher.” While this person does not take the place of a trained lifeguard, they are in charge of supervising children in and around water.  And they never step away without finding a responsible adult to take their place.

3} Have the Right Equipment

Own a pool?  Make sure your equipment is well maintained and your pool is safe and secure.  On a boat?  In Texas, children under 13 years of age must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device.  Heading to the beach?  Do some research on the particular beach you’re heading to, and remain alert and aware at all times while you’re there.

4} Be Prepared

If you haven’t been formally trained on CPR, then add it to the absolute top of your to do list. And if you don’t know how to swim yourself, be sure to sign up for swim lessons too.  It’s never too late to learn this incredibly important skill, and what a wonderful role model you will be for your kids!

5} Maintain Skills All Year Long

When you’re young, swimming isn’t like riding a bike.  It’s not something that you can learn one summer, then completely abandon the other nine months out of the year.  Instead, swimming is a critical life skill and one that should be practiced all year long, and thankfully, there are so many options for maintenance classes year round.  And yes, heated indoor pools to even make it enjoyable come winter.

As school wraps up and the temps continue to rise, we wish you a fun-filled and super-safe summer.  And if you’re in need of resources or have any additional questions about water safety, our friends at SafeSplash are a wealth of knowledge and still have some class availability too!

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Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, we are SO grateful to SafeSplash for coming alongside us to share these water safety tips.  All thoughts and opinions on my children and our experience is 100% true too!

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