We See You, Volunteers!

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the term “volunteer” I think of those selfless individuals who are handing out magazines on the floor of MD Anderson or those holding babies in the NICU. I tend to overlook the fact that each of us has benefited from acts of volunteering and in turn, most of us are volunteering in various capacities to make our schools, communities, animal organizations, and churches better places. Most of you do not receive a thank you {nor expect it} but this is the week to change that!

If you go into any school – elementary, middle or high {but you better be authorized to be on campus} you will see people there giving of their time. At my son’s school the children volunteer to work Safety Patrol and help direct traffic. There are adults working the School Store, delivering Birthday Grams, taking photos for the yearbook, getting ready for the next fundraising event and reading to kids in the lower grades. That school would not be the place it is without the full community of staff, teachers, students and parents. Need some tips for managing your school volunteering? Check out Emily’s great post on the topic. Want to know why I love volunteering for our school PTO? I have that for you tooWe See You, Volunteers! | Houston Moms Blog

Not to stereotype, as there is a dad inside that tiger suit, but a lot of school volunteering is done by moms. What are the dads doing {working, my husband snarkily responded}? No, ALEX, they are coaching sports, running Scouts and volunteering in other pursuits. I love seeing moms coach, and Elizabeth reminds us why it is so important that they do. As I am zero percent sporty and my husband is, he takes over in that area. My snarky husband has coached both our boys in a variety of sports and it takes a lot of time. There are rosters to create, emails to be sent and then you have to be there an hour early driving separately from your family while calling your wife with the items you forgot. Guys, it is HARD. 

We See You, Volunteers! | Houston Moms Blog

And let’s not forget the animals among us. While I, personally, am not an animal person, the world needs you animal lovers! We see you rescuing animals off the street and fostering them! We see you loving on other non-animal people’s dogs so their owners don’t feel so guilty. While Sarah McLachlan might get all the glory, we see you working for those innocent creatures behind the scenes. 

I could list so many things that YOU do daily, weekly or monthly to help your communities and we volunteers at the Houston Mom’s Blog want you to know you are seen! Houston would not be the place it is to worship, educate your children and participate in activities without each of you giving of your time.

From our hearts to yours – THANK YOU!

If you want to find ways to volunteer more, take a minute in quiet {we recommend your closet, your children won’t look for you there} and think about what bothers you. No, not the crushed up goldfish in your car mats, broader, like in your community. I am certain there is an organization tackling just that issue. Below are some broad places to start and some that let kids volunteer too! For a comprehensive list, visit Volunteer Houston

Houston Food Bank – You and your kids can sort and load food for families and pack meals for kids to take home from school.

Kids Meals – Kids Meals, Inc. delivers free, healthy meals to pre-school aged children in the Houston area.

Ronald McDonald House – You can help in person, or order supplies directly from Amazon for the House which provides a home for families while their child is receiving treatment in the medical center. 

Star of Hope Mission – Star of Hope supports Houston’s homeless men, women and children via shelters, education, employment, life management and recovery from substance abuse. 

Houston SPCA – This is Houston’s largest animal organization and they are committed to respecting all animals and freeing them from abuse, suffering and exploitation. 

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Kinsey is a native Texan originally from Denton, but left as soon as she could {no offense to Denton; other people should totally live there}. After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in elementary education, she taught first grade for a hot minute. She quickly learned that her passion was actually telling adults what to do, and thus realized a career in marketing and event planning was a much better match. She married Alex in 2005, who legitimately thinks Houston is the best city in the world, which means she is here forever. She worked until 2013 when she retired (and refuses to say she is unemployed). Together they have two boys, Zachary {December 2008} and James {July 2011} which means she spends every afternoon, evening, Saturday, and many Sundays sitting at a field or court for whatever sport is being played at that particular moment and fending off snack requests. Also that she’s on a first name basis with the workers at Chick-fil-A. Hi Debra! Follow Kinsey on Instagram @makejokesnotmoney.


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