What’s In My Bag

I’m not even going to lie, I’ll probably have some type of crazy back problems within a few years when you consider the weight of the contents of my bag. I have a really hard time going anywhere feeling unprepared, and my biggest nightmare is a screaming toddler, so back be darned, I’ll be ready for anything almost anything.


Not pictured:: a dozen HEB, Target, and Starbucks receipts shoved in there

Nerd Alert :: Gosh, if I was even remotely talented in the poetry department, I would write a poem about these Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens. It would be called “Ode to Pens” and would talk of the triangular shape that sits comfortably in my hand, the brilliant colors, and perfectly precise and smooth lines. Best. Pens. Ever. {Before you judge, I am a Reading and English teacher, so I think this kind of just comes with the territory!}

Losing My Mind :: Okay, truth be told, I think I’ve already lost it. I mean, people talk about pregnancy brain, but what about full-time working mama brain?! My mind used to be a veritable steel trap — I could remember a phone number after the first time I dialed it, birthdays, dates, you name it, but my gosh if that cute little kid of mine didn’t change all of that. I attempt to keep it all straight with my May Designs Agenda…I love that it is small and the layout is perfect for keeping track of personal and professional obligations.

Sweet Child O’ Mine :: Believe it or not, my sweet, patient child can turn into a puddle of hangry-toddler {yes, I said hangry} mess in about about 3.5 seconds. While we’re out and about, and if there is any chance that our adventures may run into a mealtime or snack, I like to keep some “relatively” healthy snacks on hand. Some of our must have snacks for on the go are GoGo Squeez Applesauce {Costco sells the Organic variety in giant boxes}, KIND bars {our faves are the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and the Almond & Coconut, yum!}, and every so often we’ll pick up a box of Kidz Zone Perfect bars {though, I tend to keep these to a minimum because of their use of soy protein}.

Beauty Routine :: Can it even be called that? Sure, I have a sweet little pouch packed full of beauty products, but let’s be honest, generally the only thing I have time for, or even desire to wear, is a quick swipe of mascara {Lancome Hypnose Drama is my personal favorite} and some lipgloss {yes, I am a 30 year old woman who still refuses to wear lipstick and plays it safe with the same type of lipgloss I’ve worn since my junior year of high school, thankyouverymuch}. Oh, and if I’m feeling really fancy {ha!}, I even spring for a little bronzer. So yes, I am SUPER high-maintenance.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service :: Does anyone else have a child that promptly removes their shoes as soon as you strap them in their car seat? Mine does. And on more than one occasion, I have found myself with a one-shoed or shoeless toddler, because in my mindless rush to get everything together and out of the car, I have hastily missed the fact that my little darling daughter has removed her footwear. Fortunately, I keep a pair of Freshly Picked moccs tucked into my purse, so if and when that situation arises, I’m always ready with a pair of stylish and sweet kicks for my little “Cinderella.” And based on the wear patterns, you can see this is a regular occurrence.

No Shame In My Drugstore Brand Game :: Can we just all simultaneously agree that dry shampoo is a Godsend?! I mean, showering is a non-negotiable; however, a shampoo and blow-dry comes at a premium. I can’t even tell you what a game-changer this has been for me. Gone are the days of having to sprinkle baby powder on your scalp and looking like you’re wearing an 18th century powdered wig. The greatest thing about these dry shampoos are that the drugstore brands work just as well as expensive salon brands and cost just a fraction of the price. My other drugstore favorites are :: Dove Advanced Care Deodorant {because c’mon, who likes to be smelly?} and Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towlettes {not pictured}…because I don’t really care for mascara circles at 4pm — I look tired enough already.

More Mom Purse Necessities :: Since the day our first book {magazine} arrived, I have been IN. LOVE. with Hello! by Highlights…they are such an awesome thing to be able to stash in your purse and read while waiting in restaurants, doctor’s offices {instead of the germy ones already there!},while traveling, or even at home! Plus, they have plastic coated pages, and you can literally wipe them down with antibacterial wipes! Which brings me to my next must have…Kleenhanz antibacterial wipes! I love that they are alcohol free and yet still kill over 99.99% of germs and bacteria, are hypo-allergenic, and safe to use on children and infants. They. are. awesome. And finally, a wipe of a different type :: Honest Wipes. The fact that these wipes come in a travel pack is perfect, because I don’t have to carry a huge, bulky package around, especially since we’re doing pretty well with the potty-training thing…yet, still awesome for face wiping and the like!

…lest we not forget cheap sunglasses {because you know they will most likely end up broken or covered in crumbs at the bottom of your purse within a week or two}, and some loose dollars and change to cover a late afternoon diet coke craving…

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Amy was born and raised in Northern California before moving to the Houston area in 2003. Amy has a degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication from the University of Houston - where she met her husband Tate, a former football player for the Cougars and current CrossFit gym owner. Amy and Tate enjoyed their first year of marriage as Inner-Loopers before moving out to the suburbs to start a family. Caroline joined their family in September 2012, and life has never been the same since! Aside from her job as mom, Amy works full-time as an English teacher at the junior high level. She loves fresh air, online shopping, baking, and finding new things to do in and around Houston. Amy writes at New Mom Problems where she chronicles her life as a California girl living in Texas, motherhood, being a wife, and teaching middle school.



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