Where to Buy Artificial Christmas Trees Post Holiday

Now is the time to purchase your new artificial Christmas trees. We have curated a top 10 list of the best choices in and around town, and online, too! Happy shopping. 

Where to Buy Artificial Christmas Trees Post Holiday

I knew our tree was literally hanging on the last limb this year. But with such a short time post Thanksgiving before Christmas, we threw caution to the wind and put the darn thing up anyway. And every.single.morning, I’d walk into the living room to bask in the glory of the lights with warm cup of coffee in hand, only to find that yet another strand of lights was out. I’m no super Mom or decorator – and if I’m honest, I just didn’t want to deal. So we did our best to wrap other lights around it to salvage. And it looked terrible. But…meh. Whatever. I wasn’t about to redecorate a new tree 3 days before Christmas.

That said, this bad boy is going in the trash {more on that later…} so I polled my friends as to the best places to snag an artificial Christmas tree post holidays. {And yes, I would love to have a real one like I had growing up. Unfortunately my sinus situation disagrees.} So, here is our curated guide of where to look for new trees in case yours bit the dust this year…

Top 5 Places to Purchase Artificial Christmas Trees :: 

This was one of the top choices amongst my friends as to where to purchase. People were most impressed by their customer service. One loved that you could get one that switches between classic white and colored lights, plus NO FLUFFING! And all the mamas said, “Amen.” {You do need to visit a warehouse in person, as stock is limited}

Home Depot
This was the 2nd most popular place to purchase. They have a ton of discounted 50% offers right now on beautiful trees from 5′ and up!.

They seemingly don’t have as many trees marked down as Home Depot, but you can still find some deals up to 75% off!

Balsam Hill
This was a new company to me but they pride themselves on super realistic trees that are easy to store. They also have a post-Christmas discounts, too.  Definitely more of a boutique purchase but may be worth it to some, especially for the 3 year warranty.

At Home
My friends assure me that this is a GREAT place for artificial Christmas trees. But they recommend you hustling into the store, like now, for best post Christmas selection.

*Other solid options::

  1. Grandin Road
  2. Hobby Lobby
  3. Wayfair
  4. Treetopia
  5. Tree Classics

Where to Buy Artificial Christmas Trees Post Holiday


Best wishes on your post Christmas Tree discount hunts! I sort of hate spending money RIGHT after I just spent a ton but, c’est la vie. Happy New Year and New Tree from us to you! 


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