Why Taking Care of Sick Kids is The Worst

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As we approach the end of cold and flu season I have to confess something with you. Taking care of sick kids is not my favorite thing. As mothers, most of us carry around the extra stress, worry and well-being of our children, but when they get sick it feels like the universe is trying to punish us for something we did wrong. Motherhood is draining enough on its own and then you toss in a version of a sniffling, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, feverish, germ-invested little angel who wants to be all up in your business 24/7 and somehow, you’re still expected to keep it all together.

Who cares that grocery shopping needs to get done {thank goodness for online ordering and grocery pick-up}, endless amounts of dirty laundry always seem to stack up and dinner still needs to be put on the table. We know that we don’t get any days off, but now we have to work overtime? I hope I’m getting paid time and a half. We’re still expected to parent and keep the household running afloat, all the while trying to make sure our babies get to feeling better. Taking care of sick kids is a stressful part of parenting, and here are a few reasons why I think so ::

A Sick Patient is Never a Happy One

I know I’m in for extra whining, crying, tantrum filled little devils {I mean angels}. It’s hard enough that these little people have a difficult time managing their emotions and then they get sick and you feel like you’ve purchased an extra ticket to crazy town. All rational thoughts and negotiations are thrown out the window and you find yourself negotiating with Oscar the Grouch.

A sick child in bed.

You Fear That You Are Next

Where’s the Emergen-C? I need any and EXTRA of all the immune fighting substances. Surely wine will kill the germs off, right? How will we all survive if momma is down for the count too? No offense, husband. Momma ain’t got time to be sick! What’s the point of washing my hands when my little ones just coughed, sneezed and wiped their runny noses all over me? I thought I taught them manners.

God Forbid You Take Them in Public

Maybe some mothers don’t care what other people think, but I personally don’t like the judgement nor do I think it’s fair to intentionally punish you too. Even if it’s to relieve myself from five seconds of misery. Depending on the severity of the illness, I know that I’m in for a three to five day quarantine to my house. So not only are my kids draining and exhausting every last ounce of energy that I have, I now have to figure out how to entertain them for several days in a row, all while being trapped in my house. I don’t know about you, but that’s not my idea of fun.

When I was little all I wanted was for my mom to take care of me when I was sick. Flash forward to being a mom and I’m the one doing the caretaking, boy have I gained a new respect for my mom {as I often do along this journey of motherhood}.

My kids are two and four years old and every time they get sick, I feel like we’ve approached the newborn stage again. The extra sleepless nights, worry, and constant care are a quick reminder that having healthy kids is definitely a blessing. Even though taking care of sick kids is not my favorite thing, the extra love, hugs and snuggles sure are THE BEST.

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